Our Team

Tim and Carly Dalton
Business Owners / Managing Directors

Husband and Wife team, Tim and Carly Dalton founded Greenhaven Funeral Services in 2012.
Since then, they have assisted hundreds of Melbourne families with their unique funeral needs …. conducting beautiful, personalised farewell ceremonies for their loved ones in unique locations all around Melbourne.

They have established a reputation for providing the highest levels of professional service and care for each family.  As a result, Greenhaven Funeral Services is now recognised as one of Melbourne’s leading independent funeral care providers.




Carly Dalton
Life Celebration Specialist

Carly is Greenhaven’s in-house celebrant.  She has become highly sought after, for her ability to create genuine, heart-felt farewell ceremonies that allow families to honour and celebrate the life of their loved one in their own unique way.


carly Celebrant



Jacqui Chaplin
Lifetime & End-of-Life Commemoration Specialist | Arranger | Celebrant

Jacqui is a dedicated funeral professional, exclusively. Her commitment and compassion means a commemoration of your loved one’s life that will leave you feeling that little bit better… on what can only be considered to be some of the most difficult days in your life.

Jacqui can celebrate humanistic, secular ceremonies as comfortably as she can Catholic ceremonies outside the church environment. She is always directed by your wishes and is equally able to offer a broad range of traditional and modern or alternative ceremonies. Jacqui can assist with everything from arranging the funeral, creating order of service booklets or cards, blessings, readings, poems and music.

We all see the world differently. Jacqui honours and respects those differences in the way she approaches and supports you in creating the ceremony and commemoration that best suits your loved one and allows for others to share their experiences as part of the ongoing grieving process.

Compassionate, supportive, warm and flexible Jacqui brings a level of detailed organisation and preparedness to every funeral to ensure that families’ lives are just a little bit easier during your end-of-life experiences.





Anna Richards
Funeral Arranger / Celebrant

Anna finds working as a funeral celebrant a very rewarding experience and she feels privileged to be able to help and support Melbourne families with warmth and compassion.  The ceremonies she conducts are prepared with great care and attention to detail.  Anna has had a long and varied career as a nurse and marriage celebrant and brings the empathy that comes with being a mother and grandmother to her role as a funeral arranger / celebrant.


anna richards


Jen Mettner

My name is Jennifer Mettner – and I have been both a Funeral and Wedding Celebrant for 8 years.   I absolutely love my chosen career as a Funeral Celebrant.  I believe if you can help a family during one of the most difficult times in their lives, as they farewell their loved one – then I have done my job.  This reward is what gives me the ultimate professional satisfaction.   Over the years, I have dealt with many, many families as they deal with their loss – and some circumstances have been incredibly heartbreaking and difficult, but ultimately – we work together planning the funeral ceremony.   This role as a Funeral Celebrant is not a job – it is a very special vocation. 

Jen Mettner



Kimba Griffith

Kimba Griffith is a life cycle celebrant with a particular interest in humanist funerals and ceremonies both secular and spiritual. Her work encompasses emotional and practical support for families planning to farewell a loved one and also for people journeying with their end of life process. Kimba is a professional vocalist who also offers this as part of her celebrant service.

Kimba Griffith



Mario Anders
Funeral Arranger / Celebrant

When my mother died, I found myself in the same place that everyone does when someone passes. I did not like the impersonal process or the high cost. So I decided that I can make a difference. Now I want to help as many people as I can through these times.

So I work as a funeral celebrant and I am at the stage where people who have seen me before or their family have, are choosing me to perform their funeral services. I can arrange funerals and I also like to meet families who are going to be in need of funeral services as some stage in the future. I can advise them on many matters as well as what services are available how they work and what the best course of action is.

I write Eulogies whilst the person is still around to document their lives and give them a choice, and a say, in how their funeral will be conducted. I see a trend towards this, especially as the baby boomers are moving into old age and wanting a say in everything that happens.

For families, I can offer to be there when they need me, helping them through the process and be the one standing at the graveside with them.


Mario Anders Pic Blue


Greenhaven Funerals Pty Ltd is Trustee for the DFF Trust ABN: 66 133 072 721